Don't Let Your Photos Perish Along With Your Electronic Device: Turn Them Into A Beautiful Photo Art Gallery

Capturing pictures of your friends and family is a great way to preserve special moments. However, with the growing popularity of electronic devices and cell phones, the photos you take may never make it any further than the hard drive on your computer.

Printing your photos will eliminate the risk of losing precious memories to a hard drive crash or device failure. You can proudly display your framed portraits in your home as a daily reminder of the people in your life who mean the most to you.

Creating your own photo gallery isn't difficult, and it will give you an opportunity to share your photos with friends and family who visit your home.

First things first

Unless your at-home printer is top notch, leave the printing of your photos to a professional photo printing service. Select a favorite picture to be the focal point of your wall gallery, and print it in a large size. Have additional pictures printed in smaller sizes. In order to create an interesting gallery, you should use a variety of sizes.

Frame them professionally

While good quality photos are important, good framing is also crucial if you want to create a nice photo gallery. A picture framing professional will help you choose the best frames for your photos, and you will have a better selection of styles and designs when you choose to have your photos custom framed.

Take a photo of the room and the wall where you plan to design your photo gallery. Select frames that will complement your decorating style well. A professional picture framing company like Washington Framers' Workroom can brainstorm ideas with you to help you make the best choice in framing materials.

Make sure to mix oval and circular frames with squares and rectangles to create an appealing contrast.

Define your space

How big is your wall space? How much of the wall do you want to turn into your portrait gallery? You may choose an entire wall from floor to ceiling or decide to use just the space above a sofa. Mark off your design area with painter's tape.

Trace your picture frames

Use old newspaper or craft paper to trace the shape of each picture frame you will be using in your design. This will allow you to play around with your wall design before you hang your pictures.

Select an arrangement

The largest picture should be placed on the wall first. Other pieces should be arranged around the largest piece. If the large picture is placed in the center, you can give it a symmetrical look by placing an oval and square picture on each side.

You may prefer a more random arrangement where the largest picture is placed in the bottom corner of the wall. The top corner of the large picture can be used to align the placement of other photos to the top and side.

Use the traced pieces to experiment with various design ideas. Once you're happy with the placement, mark positions with a light pencil to help with placement of fasteners, nails, or screws and hang your framed photos.

Many photos never get any further than the electronic device used to snap them. Sadly, great photos are never seen by others and are often forgotten. Turning your photos into a lovely photo gallery is worth the cost, because seeing your precious photo memories displayed on a wall in your home is priceless.

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