Organize Your Kitchen Countertops This Year

Start your year off right by organizing your kitchen countertops. Organizing your kitchen countertops will give your kitchen an entirely new feel.

Start By Taking Everything Off Your Countertops

It can be easy to forget how much space is actually on your countertops. The first thing you need to do is take everything that is on your countertops, and take it off. Place it on your kitchen table. 

Wipe down and clean your countertops and evaluate all the space that you really have. 

See What Can Go Elsewhere

Inspect everything that you took off of your countertops and determine what items you could put somewhere else. 

If you have a paper towel holder that sits on your countertop, look around and see if there is anywhere where you could attach a paper towel holder to the wall instead and open up valuable counter space.

If you have a bunch of sponges, cleaning items and detergents that crowd up the area around your sink, get rid of the cleaning devices that you don't use. Then, purchase a caddie that goes inside of your actually sink to store these items, and open up the area around your sink.

If you have a lot of household items, like cell phone chargers, notebooks, etc, filling up your countertop, see if you can find a new home for them. Set up a cell phone/tablet/computer charging station in your living room. Set up containers for each member of your house to drop their papers and little knick-knack belongings into in your utility room. Try to find space for the non-kitchen items that fill your countertop up somewhere else in your house.

Keep Only Essential Food On The Counter

If you have adequate storage space in your kitchen, you don't need to keep all your food supplies out on your kitchen counter. Determine what food supplies you use all the time and can't easily grab from a nearby cabinet or drawer, and only keep those items on your countertop.

In order to make your countertop look more uniform, store all food you need close by in identical containers. Use matching glass containers so that you can see what is inside of them and how much you have of each item easily. 

Store Utensils Upright

If you like to keep cooking utensils right by your stove, don't place a bin next to your stove and take up a ton of counter space. Instead, store your utensils vertically in either a glass jar or vase. This storage method will open up some space on your countertop, and will make it easier for you to see and grab the appropriate utensil. 

If you want to feel like you have a brand new kitchen this year, start off 2016 by removing everything from your kitchen


and organizing them again. Make sure that you only keep the things you really need on your countertops and find a different home for everything else. 

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