Getting New Kitchen Cabinets? Two Unique Style Ideas For You To Consider

Few things can change the look and feel of a kitchen like a new set of cabinets.  Great cabinets do more than just hold your food items:  They also give you the opportunity to make a style statement that wows your family and friends.  If you're getting new cabinets, you may be pondering which kind to choose.  You want cabinets that are highly functional, but that also create a warm, welcoming ambiance.  Use this information to learn more about two unique style ideas that you may want to try.

Opt For Glass Cabinets With A Painted Interior

It can be very frustrating to have to open and close every cabinet in your kitchen as you search for a particular item.  The process is time consuming, and can leave you feeling like you'll never find what you're looking for.

That's why it's such a good idea to opt for glass cabinets.  Not only do glass cabinets make it easy to find food items when you need them, they lend a modern and contemporary style to your kitchen that can really highlight your house.

You can take your glass cabinets up a notch by painting the inside of the cabinets a beautiful color.  Choose a shade that compliments the colors on the walls of your kitchen, or opt for depth by choosing a contrasting shade.  This is a great way to create a kitchen that stands apart from the rest.

Use Chicken Wire On The Panels Of The Cabinets

In the same way that wire gates let you see inside or outside of a bordered area, they will also let you see inside of your cabinets with ease.  Using chicken wire in place of the traditional wooden panels adds a rustic appeal that can be very charming.

Choosing chicken wire for your cabinets can be the start of a wonderful theme.  You may decide that you want a kitchen that looks like it's set on a country farm.  The chicken wire adds a barnyard feel to your cabinets.  You can then add pictures of chickens and other farm animals to the walls to end up with a kitchen that looks quite homey.

Getting creative with your kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to create a kitchen that reflects your personal style.  When you're ready to redo your cabinets, keep these tips in mind so you can have a result that you love.

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