Shutter Magic: How Shutters Can Bring Life To Your Decorating Theme

If you are looking for an easy way to change a room without a lot of fuss, look no further than shutters. Shutters work well with any decorating style and have the added benefit of offering protection against cold and heat. Beautiful and timeless, shutters will breathe life into any room in your house.

It's all about the slats

Slats convey the style when it comes to shutters. Choose shutters with wide slats if you wish to create a colonial or plantation style of home decorating. These wide-slat shutters work well with antique furniture, natural wood floors, and heirloom décor.

If you prefer a nautical, cottage, or beach theme, look for shutters with small slats in a café style. Café style shutters are perfect for allowing plenty of natural light to filter in while providing privacy. Choose shutters with a weathered finish to complete the look of seaside living and top the window with a curtain valance to add a touch of shabby chic.

If you are drawn to the simplistic look of farmhouse living, take a tip from the farmhouses of the past and select solid wooden shutters. These sturdy shutters come in a variety of finishes and provide the ultimate in privacy, as well as keeping out the heat and cold. Their clean and simple lines make them a perfect fit with any farmhouse-style furniture.

Paint them or not, it's up to you

One of the greatest advantages of shutters is their versatility. Unlike drapes and curtains, which can be costly to replace, shutters make it possible to change the look of a room simply by applying a coat of paint. This is a huge advantage if you enjoy changing the look of your home frequently.

Adding a pop of color to a dull room is as easy as painting the shutters a bright shade of your favorite color. Painting is a great way to add contrast where it is needed, and it only requires a small amount of paint. It's an easy way to give a room a makeover in a few hours and is a fun project for a weekend.

Always remove shutters from the window before painting. Paint slatted shutters with a spray gun and use a small paint brush to touch up missed areas. Once the shutters have dried, hang then back up and enjoy the instant transformation of your room.

Shutters are a great investment in interior home design, and they will provide you with years of lasting beauty. If you decide it's time for a new look, a small can of paint and a little time is all you need to give any room a redo.

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If you are looking for an easy way to change a room without a lot of fuss, look no further than shutters. Shutters work well with any decorating style

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